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Volunteer Descriptions


As you can see below, it takes MANY volunteers to run a meet efficiently and make it a successful event! Although it is really important to have FUN at the meet, it is essential that all volunteers take their positions seriously and dedicate the time and effort needed to do the job right. All families are required to fulfill approximately 2 volunteer slots for the season. Once slots have been assigned chosen, if your plans change and you cannot fulfill your slot, it is YOUR responsibility to find your own replacement AGED 16 OR OLDER and notify the Volunteer Coordinator prior to the meet. At HOME meets, if you are assigned a volunteer assignment, it is expected that you will arrive at the meet at least 30 minutes prior to the meet to check in and begin your assignment. PLEASE do not wait until 8:00AM to arrive because others will have to step in and help set your things up if you are not there!

Stroke and Turn Judge

  • Observe swimmers for proper stroke, legal turns, and finishing
  • Determine if swimmers need to be disqualified (DQ)
  • REQUIREMENTS: GASL Training prior to season (training sessions offered)
  • PRIOR TO TRAINING, PLEASE WATCH THESE VIDEOS: https://www.usaswimming.org/officials/officials-training-videos
  • Cannot be filled by anyone under the age of 18 or who has not done the training.


  • Keeps the events moving along consistently
  • Announce events, calls swimmers up for events
  • Operates “Start System” to begin each heat
  • Judges false starts
  • REQUIREMENTS: GASL Training prior to season (training sessions offered)
  • Cannot be filled by anyone under the age of 18.


  • Three timers at the start/finish of each lane time the swimmers with stopwatches
  • One of the three timers also records the swimmers times

Head Timer

  • Keeps a “master” time on a stopwatch in case a Timer’s watch malfunctions
  • Assigns Timers in each lane to ensure proper number and combination exists
  • Checking visually to make sure all Timers are ready for next event

Lane Organizer

  • Use meet program to assemble swimmers in order for every event
  • Line up swimmers on benches and walk to starting end of pool
  • Work with Kid Finder to locate swimmers that have not checked in
  • REQUIREMENTS: ¼ cup organizational skills, ¼ cup cheerleader, ½ cup patience
  • Cannot be filled by anyone under the age of 18.

Kid Finder

  • Works with Lane Organizer to locate swimmers if they have not checked in


  • Collects the recorded swim times from the Timers and delivers them to the IT/Computer table

IT/Computer Assistant

  • Assist in reading times to scorekeeper for data entry (Away meets)
  • Cross check entered data against actual Timer sheets
  • Assemble clipboards with event sheets for Timers (Home meets)
  • Ensure enough programs are assembled and distributed for all coaches and essential positions (Home meets)

Ribbon Clerk

  • Adhere printed labels onto appropriate ribbons
  • File completed ribbons into file box by age group for coach to hand out at Monday practice
  • Assist scorekeeper with various duties

Heat Winner Ribbon “Fairy”

  • Carefully watch each heat to determine winner of heat
  • Hand out “Heat Winner” ribbons to the swimmer that won the heat

Relief Worker

  • Provide bathroom breaks to all non-trained positions for the duration of the meet
  • Check in with all Timers regularly
  • Hand out water to all swim meet workers, specifically Timers who spend lots of time standing in the sun
  • At Home Meets, check bathrooms periodically to ensure they are in order and stocked with paper towels and toilet paper


  • Assist Concessions with selling and distribution of all food items
  • Replenish food items during meet, work with grillers
  • Provide water cups for Relief Worker to distribute during meet
  • Set up and clean up of concessions items and area

Concessions Griller

  • Grill burgers, hot dogs for duration of meet

Special Events Coordinators

  • 2-3 people to plan and coordinate special events such as
    • Pancake Breakfast
    • Bay Hills pep rally or Ducky Hour team event
    • End of season party
    • Monday morning donuts after we win a meet

Set Up and Take Down

  • Fully set up pool according to directions prior to meet
  • SET UP on Saturday meets is the night before (shortly before 8PM); on weeknight meets set up is the afternoon of the meet between 3-4pm
  • TAKE DOWN takes place immediately following meet until all items are put away and everything is back in place
  • REQUIREMENTS: None – directions for set up will be provided

All department chair positions are volunteer filled and are typically determined prior to registration. If you are interested in shadowing a department chair this year, or volunteering for a department chair position next year, please notify the Volunteer Coordinator and Swim Team Director(s).

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Ulmstead Swim Team is a proud member of the Greater Annapolis Swim League (GASL)

674 White Swan Dr, Arnold, MD

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