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Volunteer Assignments

Assignments will be posted a couple weeks after registration closes.


Alli Smith
Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteer assignments are based on the availability dates YOU PROVIDED with registration.

  1. The volunteer commitment for the season is for the duration of the meet; full meet assignments. For the upcoming season, there are 5 meets; therefore the volunteer assignment will be approximately 3 full meet assignments for each family.
  2. When making assignments, several positions are considered “key” positions and require additional knowledge/ training, namely Starter and Stroke and Turn. Training takes place outside of the meet environment, when possible, personnel who fill these positions are given volunteer credit for the out-of-season training! That decision is based solely on the number of families participating. Should you wish to learn about these positions, please see the Volunteer Coordinator.
  3. If your family has a schedule change that would prohibit you from performing your assignment. Once posted, IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE FAMILY ASSIGNED to find their own replacement either through trading with another family or hiring someone from the “Teens for Hire” list on the website. All assignments were based on:
    • The availability dates YOU PROVIDED with registration or any subsequent updates provide to the Volunteer Coordinator prior to posting.
    • YOUR choice for jobs (when possible)
  4. Every effort was made to give you the first choice of jobs, however, once the requirements for the meet were filled, your other choices were considered. If you indicated only 1 job in the preference, it was considered that you had no preference for your 2nd choice and you were assigned a position in need.
  5. If we have a family join during the season, some adjustments will be made to the assignment list by the Volunteer Coordinator. Individuals affected by a re-assignment will be contacted by the Volunteer Coordinator.

Medal Meets ARE NOT part of the regular season. Medal meet positions are assigned by the Volunteer Coordinator after they are given the list of swimmers for each meet. You should expect to fill ONE of these positions IN ADDITION to your regular season assignments IF your child participates. For families with entries in multiple medal meets, every effort will be made to limit your assignment to one, HOWEVER, it is understood that each Medal meet is considered a separate event. Actual assignment will depend on swimmers qualifying and positions Ulmstead swim team is assigned. Every effort is made to assign you to a Medal Meet your child is actually swimming in, but in rare cases there will be a need we cannot fill with attending swimmer families and we will have to ask a parent to volunteer to fill the spot even though they do not have a swimmer attending.

Responsible teens can be hired by individual families to fill their volunteer position. It is up to the family to make arrangements including explaining the job to the teen, hours they will need to fill in, and how much they will be paid.

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Ulmstead Swim Team is a proud member of the Greater Annapolis Swim League (GASL)

674 White Swan Dr, Arnold, MD

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