Medal Meet tomorrow -- details, and go Ducks!

Duck parents,

Thank you - all volunteer spots are all filled & listed below!  Details for tomorrow's meet...

  • For meets like this with a visiting team, all Ducks set up camp and stay on the pavilion side of the pool to give the other team space. Davidsonville will be camping out in the area right by the pool entrance. 
  • We are starting at our "normal" dual meet time, which is an hour earlier than we've gotten used to this summer.  Schedule:
    • 0700 Ulmstead Swimmers Warm up
    • 0700 Concession/Grillers Check in
    • 0730 Davidsonville Swimmers Warm up
    • 0715 General Volunteer check in (picnic table by starter tent)
    • 0730 Officials Meeting (starter tent)
    • 0745 Timers Meeting (starter tent)
    • 0800 Meet starts


Stroke & Turn #1William Reed
Stroke & Turn #2Pam Pruitt
Head TimerOslislo
Timer #1Britton
Timer #2Hardgrave
Timer #3White
Timer #4Klein
Timer #5Berger
Timer #6Agresti
Timer #7Hopp
Timer #8Robison
Timer/Lane Org Relief WorkerSeybert
Lane Organizer #1 (Clerk of course)Claire Donohue
Lane Organizer #2Jen Gassen
Kid FinderMargareta Chughtai
Kid FinderTanya Schwartz
RunnerJaime John
IT AssistantsHannah Goldstein, Dave Thompson
StarterJerilyn Dietch
Concessions Julie Brick, Andrew Miller, Kelly Gargagliano, Michael Manicchi, Ken Moore
GrillersVin Hardick, Michael Salemi
Set upBrad Mollet, Ryan Blades
Take DownAdam Bosma, Jake Womble


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