End of season party Sunday 1-3pm at the barn

Hi swimmers!

Please take a moment to RSVP to the end of season party so we have an accurate head count.  You must do this from the WEBSITE…, go into app and you can click go to website from there.  Please include all who are coming.  This is a family event, there will be drinks and cake to celebrate.  If anyone would like to help set up Saturday afternoon at the barn please let me know.  After the party if everyone could take a moment to help stacks chairs and put away tables that would be greatly appreciated!  Last thing I need a couple larger coolers to borrow ( maybe I can use the ones from concessions?? To put ice in to chill the drinks.  Thanks in advance for any help! Looking forward to seeing our ducks swim in the championship meet!  Please feel free to wear a mask if needed as this will be indoors.  



Specials committee coordinator 

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